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Homeland Farm and Crop Nutrients: APSA-80 & Nutriplant

Homeland Farm and Crop Nutrients takes great pride in representing the premium agricultural product brands, APSA-80 and Nutriplant. We respect that farming requires hard work, thorough planning, up-to-date knowledge, gained experience, and scientific precision, and our goal is to help farmers get the most out of their crops no matter what difficulties a season may bring.

Our products focus on providing better fertilizer utilization, increasing photosynthesis, providing faster penetration of water into soil, reducing erosion, and providing you 10%+ increase in bushels per acre.

Nutriplant and APSA-80 have been part of hundreds of independent studies across the United States for over 20 years.  They have also been partnered with the Irrigation Research Foundation, aka the IRF, for over 15+ years, where many of these studies are performed.  Located in Yuma, CO, the IRF provides research cooperators an opportunity to develop extensive studies on a variety of soil types, water and fertilizer applications, different hybrid varieties of various crops, and low energy costs to produce the maximum amount of net income per acre. Other well known companies such as Monsanto, Dekalb, Pioneer Hi-Bred Intl., BASF and many others use the IRF for independent research.

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